Thursday, 2 April 2015

Smoky Eyes Makeup Fashion

Smoky eyes are an eye makeup classic that is elegant for a night out, sexy for a day of partying and sensual on worn with the latest glamorous wear. No other eye shadow trick does it better than the smoky eyes to enhance the beauty of a Fashionable eyes.Smokey makeup look has been always taken to be one of the latest trends of makeup looks that bring the great sum of attractiveness in the personality of the women.  Now as we mention about the smokey eye makeup then it do appears with so many changes as well. eyes are the most important when you connect with someone and they are the first thing that grows attention. You have already seen a girl with amazing eyes that they impressed you with their eyes. And have you noticed that the eyes are very important to make a glamorous and feminist impression. You can make smoky eyes with a different color and different touch of color. You can make black eye shadow look very good and amazing and neutral smoky eyes everyday, dramatic, galaxy and star eyes smoky eyes and many other colors.

Black Smoky Eyes

Dark Brown Smoky EYe

 smokey eyes for brown eyes

 Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup

To achieve this makeup eyelids, you must have.At least two  different eye shadows (you can get up to 5 similar colors as the palette). In terms of color, choose black, dark brown, dark blue. Even if we can apply this technique to make any color.A flat brush to apply the eyeshadow on the eyelid.Blending brush to blur, so the eyeshadow over the eyelid and lower lash ,A kohl pencil (better than eyeliner because it fades better.Be sure that in the smokey eye makeup you should be making the use of the pointed pencil brush to blend out the eyeliner. You have to place the tip of the brush on the line and move it in circular motions. We can advice the women that they don’t have to apply too much color and end up in the company of a smoky eye more appropriate for nighttime. This can even work in the smokey eyes makeup for brown eyes. In the end you have to give the finishing touch with a couple coats of mascara. For a more natural look you can hence choose dark brown mascara. For more sultry eyes just go with Grey& black.

  • Hazel eyes can use warm colors such as brown, black, green
  • Brown eyes can also use warm colors, brown, black, green
  • Priviligieront black eyes brown (black lines may harden)
  • Blue eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green, blue and purple but
  • Green eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green and also blue.
Now that you have these tips in mind, let's go for the realization of your smokey’s super easy to do and can use any color to create a unique smoky eye that is all yours.