Sunday, 5 April 2015

Best Fashion Apps

Fashionista has to do a lot of work to maintain that title. Fashion trends come and go so quickly that it's difficult to stay abreast of them.Fortunately in this modern, high-tech age, there are some handy tools available. If you're a fashionista with a smartphone, get ready to download: We've got great apps that will keep you on top of what's hot.some things about Fashion Week will never change. I can confidently predict that, as you read this, on London Fashion Week's busiest day, I will be shivering in the austere bowels of some dank warehouse in EC48 or thereabouts, waiting for a show to start. I will enjoy hearing hundreds of bits of true or utterly fabricated gossip from my fellow front-rowers. I will enjoy reconnecting with friends I haven't seen since the last round of shows and we will all swear that this time we will definitely find the time to actually see each other before the next round. (We won't). Also, I will probably see a man wearing hot pants, heels and a pineapple hat. But then, there's what has changed. Gone are the days when I sat staring at the floor for an hour while I waited for another late show. I'll still be waiting, but now there's a whole world of fashion activity to occupy me on my iPhone. Here are some of my favorite apps – they keep me informed, inspire and amuse me, and let me take my Twitter followers, and Glamour's, along for the ride.



This app is basically a virtual version of Cher's closet in your fave '90s flick Clueless. Upload pics of all your clothes, and you can organize them, create fun outfits, and plan your outfits in advance!Plus, you can shop your fave brands to complete your looks.


 We all have clothes sitting in our closet taking up space that we're never going to actual wear. With Pose, you can upload and sell your new or gently used threads, OR trade with other stylish people. 

The Hunt

 On The Hunt, the community helps each other find the latest trends and edgy clothes. Know how amazing it feels when you buy a new outfit? How about when you help a friend shop for edgy clothes? The Hunt gives you that feeling by connecting you with 3.5 million people who all love to shop.

Chic Feed

I can't get enough of street style. I find it so inspiring to see how others dress the staples I already own. And this app is a great compilation of the most popular street-style snaps from all the best sites like The Sartorialist and Face Hunter.


 Scrolling through this new fashion app is like walking around a mall with only your fave stores in it. You'll find exclusive merch and awesome discounts, like free shipping. You can even 'favorite' products that you're loving, and the app will alert you when they go on sale or almost sell out.

The Cut

Brilliant for breaking news, but also contains my favourite game, Hit or Miss; catwalk images flash up and you decide whether they're a hit or a miss and then get to instantly compare your opinion to all other users. It is compelling and impossible to stop at just one.

Covet Fashion
You can spend hours creating outfits on an avatar that looks like you with this awesome app. Then, you can shop the items that look amazing together. 


If you want to be virtually in the room with the world's most stylish celebrities, this is the one. The coolest fashion kids, from Charlotte Olympia to Cara Delevingne cannot get enough. And neither can we.