Monday, 13 April 2015

Holiday Fashion For women

The holidays are said to be the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time of togetherness, showing greater affection towards loved ones, reminiscing over the year gone past, and most of all, enjoying lots of reasons to celebrate in festive gatherings! So what is a woman to do when she is pulled in so many directions and all require her to look her absolute most radiant best? She first has to take stock at what occasion she’s getting ready for. Most outfits are versatile enough that you can wear them to different parties but since you want to look your best or at least, make a positive and lasting impression, you do want to dress for the occasion in good taste.
Let’s take for instance the office gathering. The office gathering is a time to commune with your fellow colleagues outside of the normal confines of your work space and schedule. A time to for everyone to kick back, let loose, recognize and sometimes reward stellar employees for their work that year and a time network with other employees that work in your company that you may not otherwise interact with. Dressing for the office gathering is always a bit tricky because although you want to wear something that shows off your distinct personality, you also don’t want to go overboard wearing something that may be too short, too tight, too revealing or even too loud. So at least in this particular setting, you want to be yourself but within reason. Some of the best looks for office gatherings are sequins, dresses or dressy, festive shirts and dress pants.

When invited to other festive events or an important family gathering such as dinner with your in-laws for the first time, you definitely want to put your best foot forward. Dressing festively but modestly is still possible. In these sorts of situations using your judgment is key. As in the instance of the office gathering, wearing anything too tight, short or revealing is probably not the way to go if you want to make a good, positive impression. Wear something that puts you in a good mood and that you feel comfortable in. Some examples of holiday styles you can wear during this time of year can range from wearing dressy jumpsuits and rompers, long or short dresses or wearing shiny tops and A-line skirts paired with printed or fishnet stockings.

Accessories will also go a long way during this time of year, big statement necklaces, decorative scarves or embellished clutches are a great way to jazz up an old outfit if you don’t want to shop for a new outfit this holiday season. Remember, the point is to have fun and be thankful during this time surrounded by people you love.

Enjoy the holidays, mingle and best of all smile knowing in full confidence that you are dressed in great taste