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Fade Haircuts are getting popular among men. Lastly, the Fade is very commonly seen in military haircuts as it satisfies the requirement of keeping the hair very short.

A guy with a fresh fade haircut Fade haircut is a men’s haircut that relies on having the hair on the sides and back of the head tapered in length gradually until no more hair is left on the skin.To be a fade, the short back and sides taper in length from the longest length at the top of the head, getting shorter to the nape of the neck. What’s so versatile about the fade is that any hairstyle can be at the top of the head. a top knot, a comb over.There are several types of fade haircuts, and the only commonality between them is that the hair on the sides and back of the head decreases in length until there is no more hair .These types majorly depend upon length of your shortest and longest hairs that you keep near the neck and on the top of head respectively

Types of Fades Haircuts

  •  The Regular Fade 

  •  The High Top Fade

  • Low Fade haircut

  •  Caesar Fade

  •  High and Tight

  •  Temple Fade

 As a rule, when you are going to have your first fade, they recommend to start from its regular type.The Fade haircut should be performed by a skilled barber or hairdresser as a fade is one of the hardest haircuts to get right. To do the Fade haircut, the hair on the back and sides is clipped in layers and the layers are then smoothed, which gives a nice and gradual reduction in hair length.

 The Regular Fade:


 The regular fade haircut as a generic name refers to the hair on the sides and back being faded right until the hairline, so it is at the hairline of the sides and back of your head where the hair disappears.regular fade are usually part of a shor hair style.so be careful when asking your barber or hairdresser for a Fade haircut.


   The High Top Fade:

 it is an African American hairstyle that is much popular among young black men. In white men, the scalp is usually paler than the skin on the face so a High Fade haircut for white men doesn’t usually look very good.It made a comeback a few years ago, when everything was throwback 90s. But in 2014, football stars like Danny Welbeck have this high top fade. Hairs on the sides & back are cut short at the hairline and then tapered in upward direction.it is perfect for men who have beards or want to emphasise their Neanderthal-like masculinity.  For a good appearance make sure your barber does not take the clippers beyond the curve of the head.

 Low Fade haircut :

In the low fade hair disappearing lower than a High Fade haircut but higher than a Regular Fade haircut.Low Fade haircut usually disappears half way through the sides and back of the head and about an inch before the natural hairline of the sides and back of the head.

Caesar Fade:

 The hairs on top are cut in slightly larger length and usually combed to front side instead of side part in Caesar cut fade. Ceaser fade is considered as one of best types of fadesIt is similar to Short on sides long on top hairstyles.Bangs can be swept to the sides. The remaining hair can be styled with this Strong Hold Hair Gel for men. Finally you can get your hair dried .

  High and Tight Fade:

The high and tight is frequently worn in the military.Hairs on the sides as well as on the back on your head are shaved to a larger extent while buzzed hairs are kept on top .it is also
known as bald fade haircut.

 Temple Fade:

Temple Fade is also known as a Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out.Temple Fade has the hair disappearing  low fade but with the transition between hair lengths being more abrupt.the temple fade can include the fade being done on the hairline of the forehead too. A slightly lower taper fade is provided that varies from 1cm to 2cm in length around the temple.Temple Fade can also be mistakenly assumed for a Low Fade, and this is especially so with barbers and hairdressers who are not acquainted with the Temple Fade.