Monday, 2 March 2015

Hair Color Trends

It’s always fun to see a celebrity make the dramatic change from brunette to blonde, or vice versa. A change of hair colour is the perfect way to completely change up their look, but there is always one shade that looks just that much better than the other. This depends on their skin tone, eye colour and their overall sense of style. Sometimes the new colour looks so good it could pass as their natural hue. Other times, well... let’s just say the results aren’t fantastic!The Best Hair Trends For Spring 2015 .... to see earthy hairstyles and bonus points if attempt to get experimental. play with dyes and get punk.

With Spring just around the corner, it’s finally time to wake our tresses from their winter hibernation and rejuvenate them with some fresh color. The change of the season doesn’t have to mean a drastic hair overhaul; not all of us are seeking a Kim-Kardashian-style dark brown to bleach blonde transformation. Nonetheless, there’s no better time than the turn of the season to make a change. When it comes to color, celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas is certainly an authority. A favorite amongst the brightest stars of the Young Hollywood sect, George is known for his mastery of the French freehand coloring technique, “balayage”, which has become a staple amongst the industry elite. With a client list boasting names like Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and Sofia Vergara, it’s safe to say that George knows a thing or two about helping his clients establish a signature look that garners the envy of the masses. Take a look below for George’s Spring hair color trend predictions for gals of all hues and tips for achieving the looks, for yourself.