Thursday, 19 March 2015

High Heels Fashion

High heel shoes are designed for different women like housewives, working women, young girls etc. In 2014 as well, high heel shoes are going to be very popular like previous years. high heel shoes include special shoes that are raised at their heels. High heel shoes are divided into two categories like casual high heel shoes and formal high heel we share high heel shoes for girls.High heels have never really been out of fashion, they are a sexy stylish look that makes women feel more confident, sexy and men adore them to.In 1599, the Persian shah sent a diplomatic mission to Europe, and an interest in Persian culture and fashion swept Western Europe. Aristocrats took a liking to Persian high-heeled shoes—they were bold, masculine, and perfect for asserting status. When the lower classes caught on and adopted the shoes, the aristocracy simply increased the height of their footwear, in accordance with the social order. High-heeled shoes in a range of shapes and a variety of heights are back in a big way. And the higher the heel, the worse it is for your body. "A three-inch heel creates seven times more stress on the forefoot of your foot than a one-inch heel does

Choose high heel shoes with round, open toes and square toes, in the day as these will be more comfortable than pointed toes.A chunky or wedge heel will be more comfortable and easier to walk in than a stiletto or pointed heel.A thick sole can also allow you to wear higher heels and again is more comfortable a slim sole.Add a insole to the shoe for more comfort. Wearing high heels is feminine and can be stylish and there is a place for them in every woman's wardrobe. High heels will make you feel more confident and sexier and men adore them to. So girls - Present some attitude, sex appeal and confidence in your heels, after all its part of what being a women is all about.