Friday, 10 April 2015

Formal Wear For Men

Being prepared before hosting, attending, or accompanying someone to an event is key to success. Understanding dress code terminology is key to meeting the demands of guests or hosts.The formal or dress shirt is an integral cog in the well-oiled machine that is the fashion conscious man’s wardrobe. Despite many variations, the construction of the dress shirt has remained relatively consistent since its conception and evolved from a design that was originally an item of men’s underwear until the turn of the twentieth century.While rules exist for all types of clothing, men formal wear pas tend to be the most noticeable, since rules governing casual garb are more flexible. Yet, with these rules well understood and properly followed, a man arguably looks his best in formal attire, as it gives him an elegant, dignified and polished look. 

 Men can look equally spectacular and chic in a formal suit, with tailored stitching and a sleek and well Kemp hairstyle.


But if you work in an environment that doesn’t require a corporate look, why not trade in the blazer or the suit jacket for The New Varsity Jacket. Yes, these icons of our high school years have been making a strong fashion showing these past couple of seasons with designers rendering them in all sorts of luxe and high tech materials like leather, suede and neoprene, some even splashed them with prints.

Look sharp and dress for formal occasions or a party wear for men, be it a wedding, office party or anniversary dinner. A classic tailored suit is a staple item and subtle accessories like a colourful tie will make a statement.

Even though the gentlemen are limited to black and other muted, dark tones at the formal event, the prepared man will stand out if he chose different stylish color dresses.