Friday, 3 April 2015

Mermaid Bridal Dresses

Mermaid Wedding Dress is certainly a unique and stunning dress to be adorned in on your wedding day. Best suited for a smaller and more intimate wedding, this simple dress is amazingly designed to look neat and playful as it wraps around your midsection before broadening out from halfway down the leg. The shape resembles that of a Mermaids tail and it is quite fitting that the inspiration for the design of this dress fit for a princess, is that of the mythical princess of the ocean. Mermaid wedding dresses are perfect for women who want to highlight their mid-section part of the body as the cut of the dress is naturally made for this specific function.Mermaid wedding dresses are made for the highest quality of chiffon and lace clothing materials. It comes in different styles and designs to provide an accurate depiction of how the bride wants to represent her persona at the day of the wedding.

 The sheath or column dress has a slim shape that follows close to the line of the body. The straight design doesn't allow for many body flaws. The long lines of a sheath gown can elongate the look of your body. Therefore this type of dress can work well for short brides.

These gowns are normally quite formal, reminding you of Cinderella. The bodice is fitted with a very full skirt. Ball gowns can be long-sleeved, sleeveless or anywhere in between.mermaid dress is contoured against the body then the gown flows out beginning around the knees.The A-line or princess dress has no marked waist and the vertical seams flow from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, creating an "A" shape. If you carry your weight in the middle, this silhouette is a nice choice.

This cut is a very sexy look that highlights a woman’s curves. Its silhouette contours to the body from the chest to the knee, and then flares out to the hem. This dress style comes in various versions from strapless, to halter, or trumpet flare and even flamenco—so the sky is the limit.  Because of its body-hugging cut, the mermaid fashion is best worn by brides who are confident and comfortable in their skin. It is flattering on slender, short and tall figures, however, girls who love their curves can rock this dress as well.